High-End Hardwood Flooring in Aventura

Howdy, are you looking for some premium flooring services in and around Aventura? At Extreme Surfaces Design Center, you can find numerous flooring options and services for your household and business needs! Did a pet make a mess out of your hardwood floor at home? Did your children play too much and now you notice a lot of scratches and bumps on your hardwood floors? This can be fixed! Whatever the situation, Extreme Surfaces Design Center is proud to offer an upgrade, repair, and update services to your hardwood floors!

Hardwood floors look good and are sturdy, two great traits to have in a floor. A touch of elegance without going over the top, this kind of flooring is sure to please any visitor in your home. If you’re looking for a premium hardwood floor, then you need a premium service that can offer proper installation, repairs, and upgrades when the time comes. Extreme Surfaces Design Center is the business for all of your high-end hardwood flooring in Aventura. Hardwood flooring in Aventura has never been easier and more affordable to get!

Why Should You Choose Extreme Surfaces Design Center For Your Flooring Needs?

Do you seek helpful staff that knows what they are doing? Communication is key, and nobody likes talking to robots when they desperately need help. That extra human element makes Extreme Surfaces Design Center stand out, as it is the one-shop-stop full of licensed installers and the highest quality service for its price! Not only are the staff helpful, but they also are highly knowledgeable within the field of hardwood flooring in Aventura, so if you have specific or general questions to ask regarding hardwood flooring in Aventura, the staff at Extreme Surfaces Design Center are willing to help you!

Why Should You Get Hardwood Flooring

If you don’t already have hardwood flooring in Aventura and are unsure as to if you should get it, picture this: a resistant flooring that can easily be fixed. Wood floors in general are more resistant than other types of flooring, so pets and kids won’t ruin it as much! Not only that, but hardwood flooring is really easy to replace, update, or outright upgrade! Hardwood Flooring in Aventura and all related services can be handled by Extreme Surfaces Design Center. With over 13 years of business in flooring, you know this is the flooring service you deserve!

Fun Facts About Hardwood Flooring in Aventura

  • No two hardwood floors are identical.
  • Hardwood floors often increase the value of your home.
  • Hardwood floors take less energy and resources to install compared to other floors.
  • It can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • The color doesn’t fade easily.
  • Wooden floors can improve the air quality of the rooms it’s installed in.
  • The standard cost of hardwood floors in the US is $4 to $8 per square foot.

When Should I Upgrade My Hardwood Flooring in Aventura?

If you need to know if you should update your hardwood flooring in Aventura, the following below can provide some useful tips. Hardwood floors are timeless, but recoating them every decade or so is beneficial to your home value. Recoating hardwood floors is a simple update, and doesn’t take long to do.

If you do not have hardwood flooring in Aventura, Extreme Surfaces Design Center can still help you install it. Installation is simple and painless, and with professional staff working hard on your hardwood flooring, your home is going to look even better! An amateur flooring specialist can ruin the floor and surrounding walls and objects. Thankfully, Extreme Surfaces Design Center is entirely professional and more than capable of handing your hardwood flooring in Aventura!

Repairs are also an important topic to discuss. Even if you have the greatest flooring service around, accidents can happen. Whether it’s a natural disaster, kids being kids, or anything else destructive, repairing hardwood floors should be a priority to improve the value of your home. Fortunately, Extreme Surfaces Design Center also specializes in floor repairs for all types, including hardwood floors. Hey, it’s understandable that floors can be ruined. By that same token, they can also be fixed and better than before!

Hardwood Flooring in Aventura 

Hardwood Flooring can provide many benefits to your home, whether it’s improving the appearance of your room or increasing the value of your home, it’s clear that hardwood flooring is a good option to consider. If you need professional installation, upgrades, or even a simple update, Extreme Surfaces Design Center offers the best hardwood flooring in Aventura, Florida. Just remember that no two hardwood floors are identical!