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Using Marble Flooring in Aventura, Fl. – The Pros and Cons

You need to assess various flooring options in Aventura before you make a purchase. Marble flooring is one type of flooring system that you can opt to use. What are the pros and cons of using marble flooring in Aventura? Extreme Surfaces Design Center provides a wonderful analysis of marble flooring in Aventura.

Pros of Using Marble Flooring in Aventura

Marble flooring provides an excellent option for individuals looking to purchase an exceptional floor for their homes. The following are some of the advantages that our company offers in terms of marble flooring.


Marble floors are unique compared to other types of flooring options. The marble used on the floor naturally occurs; hence it has unique designs that cannot be copied. Purchasing marble flooring in Aventura ensures that you have a unique design covering the surface of your home. Consequently, our company offers a variety of designs for you to choose from. You get to have a unique floor in your home!


Marble flooring in Aventura comes in a variety of colors. The floor is not limited to one single color. You can select different colors to match your furniture. The variety ensures that customers get the type of flooring that they want. Our company invests in sourcing out different kinds of marble floors to ensure that every customer gets a color that they want.


Since marble is a naturally occurring stone, the material helps develops highly durable floors. You do not have to worry about durability since the company ensures that the marble used in homes in Aventura can withstand high-pressure changes without breaking.


Marble flooring in Aventura has a high natural, lustrous ability because of its polished surfaces. Marble floors are exceptional when it comes to reflecting light since the polished surfaces reflect light. The phenomenon ensures that your rooms ate filled with light and appear to glitter. The lustrous ability of the stone increases the beauty of your house since it looks well-polished and sophisticated.

Easy to Clean

The shiny surface of marble flooring makes it easy to clean. You do not have to worry about the cleaning since a sweep rag takes care of the dirt. Additionally, you do not need to scrub the floors with a brush when they get dirty; a wet mop gets rid of everything fast. This advantage of marble flooring in Aventura makes it a favorite for people who hate cleaning the house regularly.

The Cons of Marble Flooring in Aventura



Marble floors are highly slippery. A well-polished marble surface can easily break your neck or back when you don’t wear non-rubber soled shoes. The shiny ability of marble makes it its worst disadvantage. When installing marble flooring in Aventura, you have to ensure that you have excellent shoes to avoid falling, especially when the floor is wet.

Not Versatile

It’s not advisable to install marble floors in areas where water spills to the ground, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. You can easily break your neck because of the wetness. Consequently, avoid installing marble flooring in your bathroom as a risk management measure.

Susceptible to Damage

Although marble flooring in Aventura is highly durable, certain factors can ruin the design of your floor. Acidic spills react with metal since it’s a naturally occurring stone. You should avoid the installation of marble floors in kitchens or areas where acid is used.


Marble floors are extremely heavy; hence, they require a lot of manpower for installation. Furthermore, changing the floors is also difficult in case you wish to do so. Marble flooring in Aventura is a few inches thick; hence, it takes time to remove the floor and replace it with another.

Highly Priced

Marble flooring in Aventura is highly-priced because of the process involved in the installation. The company installing the marble floor throws away huge chunks or marble when cutting it to fit your desired area. Since marble is naturally occurring, one cannot estimate the standard size of a marble. You have to be willing to spend when you use marble flooring.

Marble floors are an excellent choice for any individual that wishes to elevate the standards of their home. The lustrous ability of the stone introduces freshness and light in any part of the room. You also enjoy cleaning as a result of its polished surfaces that requires gentle cleaning. Visit Extreme Surfaces Design Center to get your marble flooring in Aventura fitted today!


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